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Rock Out Your New Year’s Resolutions This Year

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December 14, 2012

Every year millions of people start off the new year with at least one resolution, or commitment toward better change in their lives. It could be losing weight, quitting smoking, taking up a new hobby , going to the gym, starting a long-put-off project or doing a daily random act of kindness. Unfortunately, just as many people give up their resolution while still snow on the ground.  Still others don’t even make resolutions for fear of not sticking with them as they’ve done in the past.

Want to learn how to really  stick with your resolution? Here are five tips to get you going:

1. WRITE it

Writing down your resolutions (or printing them out) is important.  This makes them more concrete than just in your mind. Make a few copies and keep one with you, or in a wallet. Keep another somewhere very visible, like hanging on the refrigerator. Keep a third on your nightstand. You can also buy a journal and write in it daily how you did , what actions you took and how you felt.

2. SAY it

Make yourself accountable to friends and family by telling them your resolutions this year. Usually when we go public with our goals, we work harder to reach them. You can even post them on Facebook and offer weekly updates on how you are doing in reaching your goals.You’ll find that the support of friends really makes you want to keep going and do better. It also just makes us feel good to have people standing by us.

3. REPEAT it

Re-read and speak aloud your resolutions daily. In the morning, and again at night before bed. Keep them clear in your head so as you go about your day, so you know what your daily goals are and how you will reach them.

4. LIVE it

Take daily action.  Even baby steps are forward movement. It’s about getting closer to your ultimate goals by  making those changes a daily habit and living in such a way that it becomes a lifestyle, whatever “it” is.  If your resolution is to quit smoking, then take it an hour at a time. If it’s more general, like “to be a kinder person” – try writing down a list of 10 things you can do each day. Then check off your accomplishments until your daily tasks become daily habits.

5.  BELIEVE it

When making your resolutions, it’s important to really believe in yourself and KNOW that you can stick to them and do it. When that doubt comes in , refer back to writing, reading, talking about it and re-wiring yourself to be more confident that you can make resolutions and stick to them.

Have a Happy New Year!

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