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Road Trippin’ Summer 2020 Style

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July 22, 2020

The summer road trip is a right of passage. The open road, the feeling of anticipation, and the sense of adventure and freedom that comes with getting behind the wheel are all really appealing right now. A road trip is a great way to see our nation and during this pandemic, it is ranking as one of the safest ways to vacation. 

Are you venturing beyond your own home this summer? If so, you might want to consider how the rules have changed during the pandemic. Your road trip needs and accessories probably need some tweaking and we are here to help. 

Take a Tool Kit

This isn’t to replace the spare tire tool kit or emergency gear bag you might have in your vehicle. This is strictly a COVID-19 tool kit. Prepare one before you head out onto the open road and keep it in your car for when you head out into public or stop at rest stops.

  1. Masks or face shields for every person in your car. 
  2. A bottle of hand sanitizer to keep in your car or on your person. I like to keep one in a cup holder or a spray bottle of sanitizer in my purse so we can disinfect before we get back into the vehicle.
  3. Paper towels and disinfecting wipes. As a parent, those have been in my car already for the last decade already!
  4. A box of disposable gloves. There are a lot of door handles, faucets, and more that you will be touching every time you make a pit stop.  

Rules of the Road

What is a road trip without snacks? It is not much fun, that is what. Snacks are a necessity on road trips and never more so than now. Bringing your own food is the best way to feed yourself and your family while out on the open road during COVID-19.  If you cannot do it the whole trip, then consider wearing a mask and gloves when at a drive thru. Most places are making the process as contactless as possible.

Roll the windows down and breathe in that fresh air. Get air circulating in the car and help decrease the risk of infection.

Plan by calling ahead of your arrival. If you are staying at a hotel or campground call in advance and ask about any new rules or regulations before you arrive. It saves everyone time and hassle. 

Most Important Rule

The most important rule is to have fun!  Put sunglasses on, turn up the radio or podcast, and everyone is more than ready to get out and experience a change of scenery. Enjoy the time together and the ability to see something new. Life can get a bit weird sometimes but that doesn’t mean we have to shut out the world. There is so much of it to enjoy and see. Let the adventure begin!

Are you planning a summer road trip?

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