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Resolution Ready: Apps to Get Fit and Eat Right

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January 8, 2013

Go you! You’re still hanging in there with your healthy New Year’s resolutions.  Keep it up and make it even easier by using the following apps to help keep you on track this week – this month and the rest of the year.

Get Fit

  1. The Cruise Control App can help you rock your workout! The app speeds up or slows down the speed of your music based on how fast you’re moving. You can use a target speed or heart rate to help keep pace and the music will match it.  The music can also match your pace if you feel like going that route too.
  2. The Nike Training App is free, has a “just for women” version and it’s great!  There are many different workouts and styles and you can choose them based on your ability level and intensity.  Download it from and use your phone to complete the workouts, get tips and advice from fitness experts daily.
  3. Fitocracy is what I call the great motivator. It can be used with other apps to track your progress, log in nutrition information and workouts.  Fitocracy gives you points and bonuses each time you work out enabling you to get to the next level or “quests” as the app calls them to help you get to your fitness goals faster.  It also allows you to compete with your friends and other users to challenge yourself further.

Eat Right

  1. VegWeb is great for those of us who want to incorporate more vegetarian dishes in our diets, start Meatless Mondays or simply want to add more color into their diet.  It is the largest collection of vegetarian recipes online and is broken down into categories like ‘most popular’, by food type or course.  It has kid-friendly recipes, slow cookers and even non-food recipes that all really blend well together and create truly tasty dishes.
  2. Harvest is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about their food. It tells you what is in season, if what you are buying is ripe and the pesticide level information in each piece of produce whether an item is organic or not.
  3. SparkRecipes has it all.  There are tips, cooking techniques and yes, recipes.  Over 190,000 items are on SparkRecipes which allows you to search by prep time (hooray for late work nights, rush dinners and frazzled parents!), types of cuisine and even meal course.  It provides all the important nutritional information and watch videos to learn new tricks.

Check out these other get-in-shape apps and share your favorite ones below!

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