Relive that Vacation: 5 Ways to Save Your Photos from Being Lost Forever

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February 4, 2014

Where are the photos from your last vacation? Beautifully displayed in a coffee table worthy, hardbound book … or still stuck on your smartphone’s camera roll? Lovingly captured on a fleece blanket … or accidentally deleted from your tablet? Sweetly displayed in a mini-album … or lost forever in a Facebook album? Here are five solutions for turning your vacation photos into beautiful keepsakes that will preserve your fun family vacation memories.

Blurb.com lets you upload your Instagram pics directly into a program that will create a 7×7 album, making for your very own coffee table travel book. Upload your photos, make any necessary edits, rearrange pages,and choose your cover photo. Select a cover type and paper stock – and, in next to no time, you’ll have crafted a beautiful, high-quality print book to share with friends and family. Pricing starts at $18.99 for a 60 page book. Check out the Blurb book made by a traveler to Bhutan.

You can easily, create a travel blog with a fantastic online image gallery with Weebly. Rated one of TIME’s 50 Best Websites, Weebly helps you create a unique photo focused site. And perhaps best of all, it’s free. The Photo Gallery element enables you to upload multiple images, which you arrange in a grid format. When friends click on an image in your gallery, it expands to a larger size, giving friends and family an up close and personal glimpse into your vacation.

Make a teensy-tiny book – just 1.7×1.5 inches with Printstagram. There’s no cuter way to show of your vacation pics than in this adorable book that you can even magnet to your fridge. Each book has 24 photos, and you get three books with each order. These tiny books also make for great holiday gifts.

Cuddle up with your favorite vacation memories by creating your own fleece blanket featuring your treasured family vacation photos. With Shutterfly, you can create a 50×60 or 60×80 machine washable fleece blanket decorated with your own photos. Choose from an array of backgrounds and layout, upload your photos, and voila – you can wrap yourself with memories on a chilly winter evening or spread it out onto the grass for a picnic in the park.

Create a cute scrapbook based on your Facebook vacation photos and posts with the Walnuts app. In just minutes, you can upload and arrange photos and posts direct from Facebook into a sweet scrapbook. Share your album on Facebook, or visit lovewalnuts.com to order a personalized book.

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