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Quick Summer Hair Fixes

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August 7, 2012

We’ve already talked about taking care of your skin and nails this summer season. But what about your hair? The mercury is relentless and your locks seem to best friends with a girl named Frizz. You don’t mind Frizz coming around once in a while, but lately she has been over every day. Try as you might, you just can’t seem to escape her. In the heat, sometimes we have to live with less than perfect locks, but the good news is, there’s a way to do it while looking cute at the same time. These are my top hairstyles for beating the summer heat:

Plaits Please

Long-haired gals can rejoice that braids are popping up everywhere this season. They take an average ponytail from gym-friendly to office appropriate in a cinch. Simply pull your hair into a regular ponytail, braid your hair and secure with a clear elastic. If you want to make it look even dressier, wrap your braid around the ponytail into a bun and secure with bobby pins. Now you have frizz-proof updo. This works for a night out as well.


Regardless of your hair length, hair accessories are a fun way to embrace a little extra texture (from bed head or humidity) and add some oomph to your style. I love using headbands to dress up an ordinary hair day. Just take one look at Blake Lively’s hair on Gossip Girl to see that messy hair can still look “done”.

Catch a Wave

Even if you live far from the California coast, you can still mimic the look of ocean-styled hair.  Have you ever noticed that after a swim in the saltwater your hair takes on a wavy texture? It used to be hard to replicate that effect on your own, especially if you have straight hair, but now with “surf sprays” widely available it’s easier to get this look at home.  Available in all different price points, these products let you create the look of ocean-worthy waves without the dip in the sea. It gives you just enough hold to combat the frizz, while making you look like you spent the day at the beach.

No more avoiding the summer heat and humidity, now you  – and your hair – can embrace it, head on.

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