Pleasing Purple Reigns Supreme in 2014

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January 2, 2014

Have you heard?  Pantone named the shade, Radiant Orchid the color of the year.  A hue both bright and bold, it is lively, fun and a great way to boost your mood when you are stuck smack dab in the doldrums of winter.  If wearing a classic cardigan or plunking down coin for purple jeans is not your style, but you still want to add a pop of color, here are some subtle ways to throw this shade into your make-up bag.  Trust me; a set of Radiant Orchid tips will brighten your spirits any day of the week.

All Eyes on You

This color, a cross between lavender and plum, screams excitement.  Using it in bright ways to play up the eyes is a grand gesture that will surely get you noticed.  Baby steps are finding a purple-hued mascara or eyeliner to use around your peepers.  Go leaps and bounds by grabbing the Pantone set at your local Sephora.  Set to hit stores in March, this set will feature a nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow and blush all in the Radiant Orchid hue.  Just don’t wear it all at once. You want to go big – but not quite that big.

Nailed It

The easiest and best way to transition a trendy color into your everyday life is through your nails.  Get the designated one from Sephora + Pantone or find a similar shade from another company, there will be many, to perk up your polish collection.  Go for a full set of ten nails or narrow it down to your ring fingers to showcase the orchid color. You can go dark with a deep blackish red or purple shade during the winter months or stay chic and understated with nude nails.  The orchid will pop on your middle fingers no matter which one you choose.  Use Radiant Orchid in a reverse French tip manicure or as a dot of color on an otherwise muted tone.  It is a fun and chic way to get in on this trend.

More, More, More

Be playful with this trend. It is not a serious lavender color, so take some risks.  Get a hold of a purple hair chalk or temporary hair color to add to your tips.  Spray a streak into your ponytail for the day for an additional pop of color.  Pulling up your hair highlights cheekbones and shows off your gorgeous face.  A swash of mauve blush will draw attention to them too while still maintaining a softer nod to this trend. Youthful and full of joie de vivre, Radiant Orchid is a universal shade that brightens up any complexion.

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