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Perfectly Punchy Halloween Party Drinks

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October 15, 2012

We’ve talked about making spooky and delicious Halloween party treats, now it’s time to make the drinks just as festive. These are some simple ways to take your ordinary punches to extraordinary heights.

Ghostly Ice Hand

You can turn any punch into an instant Halloween hit with this simple trick. All you need is a rubber glove, water, and food coloring or candies (if desired).

For a basic ghostly hand fill the rubber glove (make sure it’s powder-free) with water and tie it off on the end like a balloon. Be sure not to overfill to keep the hand shape. Place the hand in the freezer. Once the glove is solid, cut off the glove and you’ll be left with a white ice ghost hand. Put this in the punch bowl (I prefer a red punch) for a ghostly sight.

For a little more ambience, add food coloring or gummy candies to the water before you freeze it. For example, add green food coloring to the glove and the hand will be green when frozen.

Blood Dripping Drinks

Adding a little blood to your beverage isn’t hard. In fact, all you need is cranberry concentrate. This is a drink you’ll want to make as you serve them, not before hand.  Start with a brightly colored punch and pour it into a clear glass (with or without ice). Then add a tablespoon of cranberry concentrate around the inner rim of the glass. You will see the “blood” slowly start trickling down into the glass. Perfect for all those little vampires at the party.

Worm Drinks

You can add gummy worms in any drink for a festive look, or if you want to take it a step further you can add some frozen worm ice cubes to the drink. Purchase the mini gummy worms and place them into your ice-cube tray with water. Freeze them and add the frozen worm cubes to the drinks. Kids will love them!

Witch’s Brew

Many of you will already know this trick, but adding a little dry ice to the punch bowl can turn a normal punch into a witch’s brew. I suggest adding the dry ice first and pouring the liquid over the ice for maximum effect. When the dry ice and liquid meet, a reaction takes place and you will have instant spooky fog. You must be careful when using dry ice though. Never touch it with your hands. Be sure to use tongs.

These are just a few simple tricks to make any punch or drink ready for your Halloween festivities. Do you have a favorite Halloween drink recipe or trick to making it more festive?

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