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Passionate for Pink: 6 Ways to Wear This Spring Color

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February 22, 2017

Feminine and flirty, soft and sweet, pink can be all these things, and more. It is also one of the biggest trends for spring, 2017. This year’s pink is a decidedly unabashed and in-your-face version of the girlie hue. Here are a few ways to put pink back into your wardrobe in all its many shades.

Pink for All

No matter your skin, eye, or hair color, there is a shade of pink for you. It is a universally flattering color. Unlike years past when only a particular shade of pink was in fashion, the boldest poppy is as hot as the palest blush this year. Find your favorite hue and incorporate it into your look.

Way to Wear It

  1. Tailored, structured pieces with a menswear slant are one of the best ways to wear pink, and not feel like Barbie doll or a pretty princess.  Whether it’s a whole suit in a dusty pink or just a blazer, you can add neutrals to your OOTD and even a darker shade of red, like burgundy shoes or a blouse, to add depth to your look.
  2. Give pink an edge by adding details that are not soft and playful. Pair a pink dress with black military style boots or a corset belt. Layer a black leather jacket over a pink dress or skirt and blouse combo.
  3. Play with pale shades of pink. J. Crew is a master at marketing light layering items in the palest pink possible. Treat pale pink like a neutral, which was a big trend last spring, and you will be surprised at how unfeminine this soft shade can look.
  4. Go big with unstructured pieces in darker tones. Think a pink oversized sweater paired with flats and simple pants or dark wash jeans. Menswear pants and styled shoes work well with this type of look.
  5. Use pink as outerwear. Pink trench coats were big on the runway this spring. A splash of bright fuchsia is daring and makes a mark. It is perfect for those rainy spring days when you need a dose of sunshine, too.
  6. Mix in the pink frothy, or combine delicate touches with functional ones. Use pink as a pop of color in an otherwise neutral outfit by adding a bright pink scarf to your camel coat, or pink pumps to your all black look. Remember that you can be serious in pink, but it’s also great at being playful.

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