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Our Favorite Winter Activewear

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November 12, 2020

It is around this time each year that many of us start to move indoors to exercise. However, this year is unlike any other year, in more ways than one. Thanks, 2020! Take fitness routines for example. Typically, the late fall and early winter has us heading to the gym, working out at home inside, and spending less time outside as parts of the country begin to see colder temperatures, snow, and even some ice.

Living in a world with a pandemic, however, changes things up. That is ok! We love our outdoor bootcamp classes or running and walking outside. We realize that 2020 is going to keep us outside for many more months. All we need now is to have the right winter gear to keep us warm so we can continue to pump iron, get our heart rates up, and stay healthy.

Layer Up, Stay Warm

One of the absolute best ways to keep warm is layering your activewear. You want to use a variety of moisture-wicking fabrics, especially the base layer that is closest to your body.  As your body heats up the clothing wicks away moisture that could result in you feeling a chill.

Keep that head covered and be prepared to remove items as you work up a sweat. Have gloves on hand and remember that long sleeves and thicker long leggings are the best way to stay warm. In fact, creating a good base layer with long length leggings and a long-sleeve shirt ensures a better workout. We like Under Armour Women’s ColdGear Armour Leggings and Sweaty Betty Long Sleeve Glisten Workout Top for ultimate warmth in winter.

Insulate Yourself

Insulated activewear is ideal for the cold winter months. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to stay warm either. We love these items the most.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket will keep you warm all season and isn’t just for workouts! Water repellent, this recycled polyester insulation, shell, and lining also comes in 11 colors. It is sleek enough for runners and great for any outdoor activity. 

Gore Wear Opti Headband comes in three colors and fits on smoothly.  Perfect for runners or cycling it has a stretchy fabric that wicks away moisture, dries fast, and has a snug fit. Do not want to wear a headband? Check out the Smartwool 250 Beanie hat. Made of 100% merino wool it has two layers for added warmth. Super soft you can roll it up or keep it down low over your ears to block out the wind. It stays in shape even with repeated wash and wear.

When it’s too warm for a puffer jacket, but you still need to keep your core warm, visit the vest for optimal movement and heat retention. I have one from Old Navy that I love and Nike’s AeroLayer vest is another good option for under $50.

Do not skimp on extras like warmer socks and gloves. Tech gloves are a must in the winter months. Find an inexpensive pair of tech activewear gloves from Amazon or Target and you are good to go. Slip-on a pair of Smartwool PhD running socks for added insulation. Grab your sunglasses and water and you are good to go outdoors all year long. 

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