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Little Black Baby Dress: New Year’s Eve Style for the Mom-To-Be

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December 13, 2012

The holiday party circuit is coming to a close but not before the last big shin-dig of the season: New Year’s Eve. Spending your hard earned cash on party frocks is fun when you know you’ll get a few wears out of it – but when you’re expecting the thrill of the shop loses some appeal. Here are some tips on how to glam up without breaking the bank:

Black Magic

It’s true. Black is flattering and solid noir outfits are even more so. In all likelihood, you have picked up a black dress or two during your pregnancy that works well at the office. Instead of buying a new outfit for NYE, take a dress that you already own and add some fun accessories. High heels, a sparkly bracelet or a statement necklace will instantly take your look from workwear to evening wear. Finish the look with a quick updo, and voila – instant glam.  

Top it Off

If you can’t stand wearing something you already own for the big night, and want something new to make ringing in 2013 a little more special, focus on your top half and choose a pretty top. Whether it’s a sequined tank that you can layer under a jacket, or a blouse in a deep eggplant shade – it will instantly up your style quotient without being hard on your wallet. Choose something you love and you’ll be able to repurpose it to wear again after your little one arrives.

Dress Down

Okay, here’s a little secret: being pregnant gives you just about carte blanche in the wardrobe department. I’m not condoning giving up fashion altogether, but let’s face it, you’re carrying another person around with you. You deserve a little leeway. If the thought of  wearing pantyhose for another holiday get-together or jamming your swollen feet into your favorite heels for another night makes you dread the evening already, then give yourself a break. You can either host a casual gathering at your place or play the mom-to-be card “Nothing fits me right now…” Trust me, you will get sympathetic smiles and a free pass for the night.

No matter what you decide to wear, one thing is for sure – with a new bundle of joy on the way – you will have more than enough to celebrate. Happy New Year.

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