New Year Equals a New Bag of Tricks

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January 3, 2017

The new year is here and we are bombarded with tips to de-clutter our messy little worlds. What often gets overlooked is the daily make-up bag. This year, go beyond cleaning and pare your bag down to a few essentials, and you will save yourself time, money, and space.  Here’s our list of essentials, so you can get ready fast and look fresh every morning.

Let’s Get Started

First things first: do you need a new bag for your cosmetics? If yours is showing wear and tear or it’s stained with make-up residue, it’s time to toss it. Now is the perfect time to find a new bag while stores are marking everything down. Find a size smaller than your old one, in a color and design that brings a smile to your face.

Minimize to Maximize

Before you fill up your sleek new bag, throw out you old and expired items. Now look at what you own. Do you have these five essentials?

Face: Look for a foundation that adds polish to your face and that can double as a concealer. Revlon Color Stay or Sephora Cover FX are both great options. Pick up a Sonia Kashuk version at Target when you get your new bag. The built-in blending brush works like a rock star.

Cheeks: Add a blush of color to your face to brighten your look. Look for a cream or powder finish with a built-in sponge or brush. A blush and lip combo is also a good bet. Try BECCA for a blush that is both subtle and long-lasting.

Lips: We all love our neutral lips. Consider a bold color instead. It emphasizes your smile and kicks your look up a notch. Find the shade that looks best on you, and wear it every day. Add a lip gloss for some extra shine.  Extra: Keep a neutral lip color or liner in your bag just in case you need to tone it down.

Eyes: The windows to your soul would love a combination color eye palette. A kit that has both light and dark shades in matte and shimmery textures adds versatility to your style while staying simple and compact. No more multiple compacts rattling around fighting for space. Extra: A black eyeliner stick for more drama.

Mascara: No room for the eyeliner? Let mascara move-in. It completes your look, adding volume and length to your lashes, acting as a dramatic double instead of liner.

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