Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Incredible for the Holidays

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November 7, 2019

There’s nothing like cozy scents to add cheer and warmth to your home. While it’s easy to grab a spray or plugin when you shop, they just don’t compare to natural scents. Plus usually they are full of chemicals. There are better ways to add a delightful fragrance to the house. Some of them even look lovely and add a festive feel. You just can’t beat that for ambiance.

One of my favorite things is to use an essential oil diffuser. Place a few drops of organic essential oil in the reservoir with water and let it run. Many people think this has to run all day but 1-2 hours does a great job. If you are having guests, turn it on before they come. The great thing about oils is they also purify the air, however, read the labels and be sure to buy natural organic oils with no additives, synthetics, or “fragrance”. A few popular oils for the holidays are frankincense, clove, cinnamon, sweet orange, mandarin, and cedarwood. Many companies make festive blends or you can mix a few of your own. Try clove, orange, and cinnamon for a warm and wonderful scent. Note: if you have pets please research first since some oils are not safe for certain animals

Another incredible way to scent the house is to use a stove simmer. Trust me, everyone will flock to the kitchen to see what’s cooking! Start with 3 cups of water in a medium saucepan. Add a fresh orange peel, a sliced apple, 2-4 cinnamon sticks, and 1-2 teaspoons of cloves. Keep it on the stove on simmer/very low for a few hours. Another option is to add vanilla, rosemary sprigs, and a sliced lemon to the water for an entirely different scent!

Many people incorporate scented candles, but note that they can be dangerous around children and pets. If you choose to use candles, buy naturally scented soy or beeswax candles and place them in safe spots where they won’t be disturbed. Small tealight candles in large clear jars are a great idea since the glass keeps them somewhat protected from an accidental spill or touch.

A few other options include:

  • Buy cinnamon sticks, placing them in mason jars and wrapping the jar with a festive bow.
  • Add pure cinnamon essential oil drops to old potpourri and arrange in pretty bowls around the house.
  • Bake cookies! The scent of baking them is loved by pretty much everyone and will create those olfactory memories reminiscent of our childhood.
  • Add herbs like rosemary, eucalyptus, or star anise to vases of dried flowers. They look lovely and add scent too!

This year, ditch the chemicals and make your home a safe one that smells fabulous naturally. It makes the holidays even cozier.

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