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Nail Trends You Must Try  For Spring 2017

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February 16, 2017

Last year nails were all about chrome colors, shades of gray, and filing tips to a point or almond shape. 2017 is proving to be significantly different. While chrome still rocks a mani, nudes and bold shapes are back for spring, and there are a host of new ways to explore nail art. Check out our nail trend forecast.

Color Code

Taking a cue from the rest of the world, shades are wild and unpredictable. Almost anything goes—but here are a few guidelines, for style sake.

  1. Nudes reign supreme this spring and will continue to do so throughout the year. This means you could even paint your nails clear and be on trend. Buff shades and bold whites are big, too. No matter the hue, the shape of the nail should be short and square for the best effect. Soft pink and light gray with a lavender tint are also popular.
  2. Metallics in silver, gold, and chrome make tips look dipped in melted metal. The colors work well for both nights out and summer sun.
  3. Bold colors come around every time the weather turns warm. Tangerine, poppy, beach ball blue, and bright, popping pink are back.
  4. Don’t worry: dark shades are still popular, too. Think deep reds, browns, and navy blue for this winter and next fall. These shades look great on all skin tones and nail shapes.

Do Design

There are quite a few ways to nail it in the nail art department for 2017. From laser cut ends to customization, here is just a dose of what you can expect.

  1. Black accents, like a thin stripe down the middle of the nail or a tiny black heart, make a small but bold statement. These accents look great on both colored or nude nails.
  2. Less is more in current nail trends. Try a bold color in bright blue or pink and then add a single black dot to the lower center of the nail.  Done!
  3. Geometric designs and patterns, like windowpane prints and squares, appeared on many runways last spring.
  4. Color blocking is also back, but with a new slant. Paint the nails in a neutral shade and then outline them, excluding the cuticle, in a bold color.  Multi-colored stripes angled on the tips and cuticle also work.

The Technique

You’re going to want to check out the dip-powder technique, the latest nail trend, if you haven’t already. Nail salons are now offering glossy shades that last up to five weeks! It doesn’t take long to apply but there is a glue-like base followed by a color powder and two base coats. Drying time is fast and nails stay chip-free for over a month. You can even try it at home.

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