4 Must Have Winter Accessories for Every Woman

December 29, 2018

Whether your winters are mild or severe, chances are there is some sort of temperature variation that happens as the seasons change. While you can certainly just throw on a heavier jacket and a warmer pair of shoes, there are several accessories you’ll probably want to consider when you put your wardrobe together.

Infinity Scarves

Infinity scarves are a fashionable take on your traditional scarf. Unlike a regular scarf with a beginning and an end, an infinity scarf is a solid circle that can be looped once or twice when worn. You can loop it several times for it to climb higher around your neck or you can drape it with a single loop to hang looser around the center of your chest. A lightweight infinity scarf can be worn as a fashion accent with your favorite shirt or sweater. A heavier cable knit or sherpa infinity scarf can be worn over your winter jacket along with your favorite mittens and hat.

Hand Muff

If you’re thinking about how to keep your hands warm, you might think that your only options are gloves and mittens. While gloves and mittens work wonderfully to keep your hands warm, they aren’t the only choice for cold winter weather. Instead, you might want to consider using a hand muff. A hand muff is a cylinder of warm winter fabric like wool or faux fur with both ends open. This allows you to slip your hands into each side to stay warm. While this fashion trend was first introduced in the 1500s, it’s still popular today.

Boot Socks

While a pair of winter boots can be a fashion statement on their own, a great way to dress them up is by wearing a cute pair of boot socks. Unlike regular socks, these ones are intended to be seen above the tops of your boots. They are perfect for skirts, leggings, and jeans! There are two types of boot socks you might find in the stores. One type is footless and is often worn purely for fashion reasons. The other type is a full sock and is usually worn for added warmth.


Earmuffs are a cute way to keep your ears warm in the winter. Unlike hats, they are intended only to keep your ears warm rather than your whole head. That means that you’ll want to wear a hood along with them to keep your head warm. An added plus when it comes to ear muffs is that they won’t leave you with “hat hair” after taking them off.

What are your favorite winter accessories?

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