Mother’s Day: 4 Ways to Pamper Yourself from this Day Forward

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May 9, 2014

On Mother’s Day, most Moms receive card or gifts from their families. and boy, do we love and appreciate them or what? We treasure those breakfast’s in bed and time with our little, or big, kids. We are very deserving of the attention – I mean, who else spends 25 hours a day caring for their family and often puts their own needs aside?

Why not also take this special weekend to give yourself the gift of some new changes in your weekly life that will center, empower and give you some personal pampering?

Learn to Meditate

I know, what mom has time to meditate when the house needs cleaning and there are 47 things on todays to-do list? But moms probably need meditation more than anyone. Meditation doesn’t have to be hour-long chanting sessions; it can be taking 5 or 10 minutes a day to sit quietly, shut out the world and focus on one breath at a time. Try it first thing in the morning or last thing at night, or even try a “walking meditation” at a park or somewhere out in nature. Mindful meditation can decrease depression and anxiety, reduce insomnia and even reduce blood pressure. Taking 10 minutes of this deep relaxation can be a savior when it comes to our sanity on a stressful day. There are many online videos and websites that can explain how to meditate so you can incorporate a little into your day. You’ll thank yourself for this one!

Take up Yoga

Yoga is a multi faceted “exercise”. It not only offers us the wonderful physical benefits of strengthening and stretching but the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits run deeper than expected when you first start. Yoga also helps us maintain flexibility and builds muscle strength. Mentally, yoga teaches us to slow down, to be aware, to focus and to stay in the moment. Spiritually, it can be a chance to connect with nature, or with God, on your own level and to connect with our own spirit and inner voice. Yoga teaches us to connect breath, body and mind, and in turn, a harried stressed out Mom becomes a calmer, gentler Mom. Trust me, after 14 years of practicing yoga, I can attest to the calming effects of a practice. And the best thing? It can be done anywhere, with virtually no equipment. Whether you can practice 5 minutes a day or an hour twice a week, you are sure to benefit in many ways.

Volunteer More

Moms that don’t work often feel cooped up – especially with little kids at home. Taking time to volunteer can get you out of the house and with other adults. Often you can even bring the little ones when volunteering at school events. Or consider getting a family member or friend to watch your kids so you can help out at a local fundraiser or event. Volunteering is a feel-good thing and it helps both the giver and the recipients.

Get a Hobby

All too often, moms put hobbies aside when they have children. Try to schedule downtime for an activity you are passionate about. From reading, to walking, to painting to knitting, we all have something that moves our soul. You know, that thing that you don’t have time for and always say you will do once the kids are grown? Why not do it now? If once a day is too often, shoot for once a week, once every 2 weeks,once a month! ANY time you can find but put it on your planner and consider it your “doctor” appointment at your personal wellness center. Even 15-30 minutes of doing what you love is enough to release those “happy” endorphins – the feel good chemicals in our brains. It’s enough to feel like we spent time for us and escaped some of the daily mundane activities and chores.

When we take the time to schedule in “me time”, usually when we return to the daily chores and family time, we are more focused, calmer, and more appreciative, not to mention less stressed and short tempered.

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