Monogram Appliances: Inspired and Refined #whyAbt

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October 27, 2016

When I think of GE, basic appliances come to mind. Functional, sturdy, and reliable stoves and refrigerators. I have owned a few of them and they always worked well, but I would never describe them as high end. So I am here to blow your mind: GE has introduced the Monogram series, and it rivals most high end appliance brands.monogram-appliances-abt-inspiration-studio-1

I had the opportunity to tour the Abt Inspiration Studio and experience these appliances in person. If you aren’t familiar with it, Abt is the largest independent single-store appliance and electronics retailer in the U.S. The company, which is family-owned, was established in 1936, and is located in Glenview, Illinois  Today, it employs a staff of over 1,300 experts. You can order from Abt online, but if you get a chance to visit the store be sure to check out the new Inspiration Studio, which the company created to celebrate its 80th anniversary. The studio showcases kitchen appliances in a variety of stunning model kitchens. abt-monogram-jen

GE’s Monogram series was well represented when I visited the Inspiration Studio recently. Built with functionality, gorgeous design, and timeless versatility in mind, the Monogram appliances took my breath away. With the gorgeous stainless steel or the sleek, customizable panels, these appliances will blend into any kitchen. Be prepared for them to become the conversation piece of any get together—they are that stylish and handsome. 

I was amazed at how gorgeous the custom panels were in the Monogram 36″ Panel Ready Built-In Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator, and how sophisticated it makes a kitchen look when used on the built-in appliances. Whether you choose the side by side or the one door, it blends flawlessly. The level of craftsmanship makes it an appliance that is both functional and luxurious.

What struck me the most about the Monogram series is the amount of thought that went into each appliance. If you need it, they have thought of it. The Monogram 30” Professional Stainless Steel French Door Wall Oven has one of my favorite features. The doors open together so if you’re holding a pizza pan in one hand, for example, both doors pop open and you can slide the pan right into the oven.abt-monogram-1-3

Catering a party? Ever notice how caterers have to transfer their food items from their large catering pans to smaller ones to fit in your oven? No problem. Monogram has you covered. The 36 and 48 inch ranges can accommodate a catering pan perfectly. This is exciting for a baker like me. The extra large cookie pan I use for the holidays would fit in the oven like a glove.

Another fantastic feature of the 48 inch side by side range is the built-in cutting board/skillet. Yup, you read that right. The skillet is at an angle so you can scrape the grease right into the trap, so it won’t spill into the range and present a safety hazard. See? I told you they thought of everything.

Safety is also at the core of the Monogram built-in induction stoves. The burners will not heat anything but a pan, and they cool in seconds to prevent children (and cooks) from getting burned.  Not to mention that the stove’s unique style makes it automatically reflect the color scheme of a kitchen, so it blends seamlessly and gorgeously with your decor.abt-monogram-1-6

If you are looking for a beautiful, surprisingly functional line of appliances, look no further than the GE Monogram featured in the Abt Inspiration Studio. Mr. Abt had a vision that has finally come to fruition. His Inspiration Studio is the best place to go when you need a vision for your kitchen and home.

Abt also has a FANTASTIC rebate for Monogram appliances that you definitely need to check out.


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