Minimal Make-Up & More Takes Over This Spring

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February 26, 2015

If you feel like this winter has thrown you a curve ball then get ready to feel that again with this springs make-up trends.  The bronzed beauties of years past must make way for brilliant color and slashes of deep red lips.  Defined liner reigns this season along with very minimal make-up.

All Eyes on You

Liquid liner done up like a cat’s eye will be seen all over this spring. Play it up with your own personal style when creating this classic look. Go small with a slight flip at the eyelid or go big and wing it out in a thick line. Depending on your mood or event you can add lots of dimension to your overall ensemble. Just remember to tone down blush and lips when using this liner.

On the lids plum, typically a winter shade, was used on many smokey eye looks or as a smudged on appearance.  Make it fresh and today by pairing it with brown eyeliner.  Burgundy shades and an added hint of sparkle in gold or silver look hot for nights out.

Lip Service

The pops of hot pink are nowhere in sight for spring. They are being replaced by sun-kissed oranges, berry-stained hues and dark reds or nothing at all.

Like last season the ultra-bright orange lipstick we wore all summer can be used again. Thank goodness one trend is lasting! Keep the rest of your make-up neutral when wearing this bold lipstick and remember it works for both day and night.

Don’t fret if all these wild and dark set of colors aren’t your thing. In keeping with the minimal make-up trend there are a lot of fresh faces and just-bitten lips. That means subtle pinks and glosses with very little shine work well and so do your slightly colored chapstick.

Nailed In

Trending in nails right now are nudes. This is no surprise when it comes to spring fashion, however a slightly futuristic twist has come into play.

  1. Totally nude nails with just clear polish are back! Add a slash of a metallic swipe down the side of the nail (not the middle like years past) for a new edge.
  2. Half-Moons are hot again but in a really mixed up way. Painted on the half-moon or the reverse space you can play with the look by alternating fingers and which half-moon style you choose. Perfect for afternoon affairs and fun weekend events. Keep the look soft by using a pastel polish and not going citrus bright or electric hues. Leave that to summer time.
  3. Nudes and soft shades of pinks and peach will be lining the shelves at your local drugstore and department store this spring so stock up on these ladylike colors.

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