Menswear: Not Just For Men Anymore

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April 17, 2014

This ain’t no boys club!  Try peeking into the men’s department for some new ways to wear old favorites and create a whole other side of you.  From boardroom to boardwalk you can take these elegant staples and work them into your wardrobe in smart, easy ways.

Break From Tradition

Nothing is more familiar in the men’s department or closet than the freshly pressed men’s dress shirt.  They wear it a few ways and you can too.  Take a look beyond the classic button down, revamp the way you feel about the shirtdress and find what works for you.

  1. The shirtdress has come a long way.  Sure, you can still wear it unbelted and free, or add a belt for statement and create a put-together but relaxed look for the weekend.  Find one with cut-out shoulders that nips at the waist for a more fashion-forward feel. Strap on some platform heels to spice up a night out.
  2. The collared shirt is the mainstay to the menswear look.  It is also the most versatile.  Wear it with jeans and brogue-style shoes for a casual feel.  Tuck it into a pencil or high-waist skirt for the office.  Pair it with simple heels and a full knee-length skirt in a bold stripe that looks chic.  The collared shirt looks Audrey Hepburn-like when worn tucked into a pair of cigarette pants.  It works for both the office and play.  Add heels or ballet flats depending on your mood.
  3. Nothing is more popular right now than women in blazers.  The past few seasons have seen them in a variety of shades, fabrics and even in floral prints. Don a tuxedo version or play it safe with your basic black.  All that matters is you find a fit that works for you and your sense of style.  It looks put-together each time you wear it and it works with jeans, dresses, skirts and dress pants. You just can’t go wrong with a blazer.
  4. Trouser pants have made it a comeback this spring.  The wide-leg style is reminiscent of a man’s suit but looks fresh when worn with heels.  A button down completes it but so does a sleeveless blouse with a bow in front.  It is all very 1970s but with a modern day twist.

In the Details

  1. From brogue shoes to oxford and pastel wingtips the details are where you can really nail the menswear look.  Soft blue with white paired with black is a great start for colors and add a dash of pinstripe too.  Bow ties and chunky style metal watches or sold cuff bracelets round out an outfit.

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