Meditate Your Way to Holiday Bliss

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December 10, 2013

Feeling frazzled this month?  Join the club!  Between work, school and family obligations everyday chores can seem suddenly overwhelming. Beat back the crazy stressed out feelings the holidays can bring with these helpful, de-stressing mediation apps.  You’ll be saying “Om” before you know it!

Musical Mediation

If temple bells and chants are not helping you achieve inner peace then music just might do the trick.

Meditation Music (free) is an app that helps you reflect and get into some deep thoughts.  You can adjust the music to your own personal needs and even put it on a timer.  It is simple to use and includes some beautiful imagery to go with all the soft music entitled Seaside, Mystic Temple or Temple in the Hills. 

Relax Meditation Music (free) keeps you fired up but calm.  If life is one long drone of noise, work and running around then take a breather with this helpful app.  Designed to help you let yourself go through music it offers up some tranquil sights set to music that lets you escape.

Schedule That Stress-Buster

Many of us live and die by a schedule.  You schedule gym time, meals and work so add in a much-needed meditation break.

Jumpstart ($0.99) is a mobile app that delivers guided meditation sessions that last only 10-minutes.  The time you spend scrolling your Facebook feed and stressing about holiday cards could be spent getting an afternoon pick-me-up.  Rhythmic-breathing is accompanied by imaging exercises and deep breathing lessons.  Guaranteed to help you feel refreshed and ready to go attack that to-do list all over again.

Think of Buddhist Mediation (free) as your own personal meditation trainer. The app starts your meditation out in small increments of five minutes at a time.  With 10 levels to work through you won’t feel like you are cycling through the same old routine.  Daily notification reminders are there to get you started and further enlightenment is on the way.

Sweet Sleep

Trouble falling asleep this time of year is quite common.  The darker nights and early mornings shave off about 20 minutes of your good snooze time.  Get some quality Z’s with the help of a mediation app.

Lighting Bug Mediation ($1.49) is a plug-in pack that includes eight meditation scenes and 19 sounds that include gongs, bells, Sitar, breaks, aums and chimes.  There is something for every taste.  It’s easy to install and helps you gain restful sleep and wake-ups like an alarm.  You can even mix and match the sounds to get maximum enjoyment from your meditation time.

How do you relax over the holidays?

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