Margaritas Aren’t Just For Summer Anymore! #LaughingGlass

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December 12, 2013

I’ve always been a huge fan of Mexican food. Give me some chips, salsa and a margarita and I’m a happy girl! So I was thrilled to hear about the margarita line from Laughing Glass and very excited to chat with co-founder Carey Clahan about their product.

The Laughing Glass margarita is purchased ready-to-serve and made with a proprietary blend of super premium tequila from Mexico. They took the bold complexities of their own sourced tequila and seamlessly integrated delicate citrus notes and the subtle sweetness of organic agave nectar to create the perfect combination. Then, they added a zing of effervescence to make those flavors pop with bubbly freshness. The result is an all-natural, amazing drink with only 41 calories!

SM: How did Laughing Glass get started?

Carey: We started Laughing Glass Cocktails about a year and a half ago, really because we love margaritas and my partner, Jill, is a fantastic mixologist. Every time she’s ever had a party she makes these drinks and everyone walks around going, “this is the best cocktail I’ve ever had!” We also do a lot of entertaining, especially for charity functions. All of our children are school aged and we’re always trying new and innovative ways to fundraise. Often times that means making cocktails.

SM: How has it been being friends and business partners?

Carey: It’s great. Sydney and I have been friends for so long, it’s been more like a sisterhood anyway. And it’s become like that for the three of us.

SM: What makes your margarita different from similar ones on the market?

Carey: First of all, we produce and distill our own propriety blend of tequila. Jill has been down to Tequila, Mexico several times. We found this lovely little artisan distillery and it’s our own recipe. We’re also all-natural. We don’t add any artificial colors, sweeteners, additives, preservatives.  It’s just our premium tequila, organic agave nectar, all-natural citrus, and water!

The Laughing Glass products are available in select Northern and Southern California locations. Check them out online and follow the company on Facebook and Twitter. And definitely try their Dingleberry Margarita – perfect for the holidays!



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