March Break Packing 101: Beach Getaway

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March 8, 2012

It’s spring break season and time to plan that ultimate getaway. Perhaps you’re escaping the wrath of winter and heading to sunnier skies. Now that you have your beach vacation plans confirmed, it’s time to get down to packing. Here are some tips to make getting ready for your vacation less of a headache:

To avoid excess baggage fees make sure you aren’t bringing one outfit wonders. What do I mean by this? If you or your child can only wear something once – either because it only goes with one other item or it’s a dirt attracting color (white) – leave it at home. You’re trying to minimize the number of items you take while maximizing the number of times you will wear them. Before you decide on packing an item, ask yourself, how many times can I (or your kid or hubby) wear it? If the answer it only once, it stays home.

Host a Mini Fashion Show.
Packing for a different climate, even if it’s just the beach, can be overwhelming. You might have to dig clothes out of storage in your basement and worry it might not fit anymore. With kids growing so fast, a test run is a must. Put on some tropical music, crank up the thermostat, and have a beach family fashion show. This way you can find out what still fits and what doesn’t while having a little family fun at the same time.  Stage the show a couple of weeks before you go away so you can pick up any items you’re missing before you head out. The worst? Having to buy a kid’s bathing suit at the hotel gift shop the first day at the beach. Avoid the hassle by planning ahead.

Love is the answer.
Fighting with kids over what to wear is a typical day at the homestead. Not looking forward to spending precious minutes of your vacation doing the same thing? Don’t. Pack what you and your kids love, especially if you’re headed to the beach. Luckily the clothes tend to be less bulky so you can take more than if you’re headed skiing. You know those items your daughter can’t get enough of? The dress she would wear everyday if you let her? Pack that. She won’t put up a fight to wear it and you’ll save yourself from arguing away precious moments of your holiday. Keep the same in mind for yourself. If you don’t usually reach for it in the summer, you likely won’t feel like wearing it on spring break.

Whatever you bring, don’t forget sunblock. Nothing ruins a beach holiday faster than a sunburn!

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