Make-Up Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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June 11, 2015

We’ve all made our share of make-up mistakes. Whether you clumped the mascara, went too far with eyeliner, smudged your lipstick or simply purchased the wrong color foundation, one thing is for sure, it needs to be fixed STAT. We’ve got you covered. The how-to on fixing make-up miss-steps are right here.


The Mess-up: You smudged your nail polish. How do you fix it without wrecking your other polished nails?

The Fix: This one is simple. Don’t panic. Just grab a q-tip and dip it into a non-acetone nail polish remover. Slowly remove the smudge by “sanding” it down. This works with bubbles in the polish too. Let it dry completely and then reapply to that one nail.

Saving Face

The Mistake: Your foundation is a shade off from looking like you just woke up glowing and flawless. Instead you have ghost-face or as if you applied too much tanner to your face.

The Fix: If you have the time, remove the foundation with make-up wipes and reapply the correct color again. If you don’t have the time or the correct color you can blend some more around the chin-line and apply a lighter powder to soften the orange effect. Then never do this again. If the foundation is too light, which can happen this time of year when you have gotten a bit of sun and your regular foundation wears better on your pale face, then add some more bronzer to even things out and regulate the issue.

The Situation: You put on way too much mascara and it’s clumped up.

The Fix: Settle down. Breathe. This one is easy. Don’t comb it out. This will actually harm and break your real eyelashes. Take a small amount of eye make-up remover and apply it to a cotton pad. Fold the pad in half and slowly squeeze your lashes with it. This will gently remove the mascara without destroying the rest of your masterfully applied eye make-up.

Streaks & Smears

The Mistake: You applied a streaky mess of self-tanner and now you don’t know what to do.

The Remedy: Grab a lemon and a loofah. The best and quickest way to remove self-tanner without a specific product or wipe is too squeeze lemon juice on the loofah and scrub it away. Exfoliation and time will take care of the problem.

The Mess-up: Your signature red lip is smeared onto your cheek.

The Fix: If you don’t want to or don’t have time to remove all the make-up, foundation included, that sits under and around the smudge then break out the concealer brush. Apply a small amount of foundation or concealer over the smear and keep doing it until the stain is gone.

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