Lobs and Natural Texture: What’s Hot for Hair in 2016

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January 14, 2016

You kept it short and sassy, sweet and simple, or totally classic during autumn and into the holiday season. Your hair went through the ringer with all the parties and events, getting roots touched up, sustaining an updo and more. Now that 2016 is here you feel the need for something new. What is in store for the New Year in hair?  Check out the latest trends in cuts and colors.

Style Trends

Natural Texture is not the newest trend, but this year the take on air-drying is all new. For a simple, natural looking hair style it isn’t about using a product to achieve it. It is all about the cut. Ask your stylist to cut your hair in a way that adds texture to your type of hair. As it dries naturally it will be its best, textured self.

Bold Bangs are back. It doesn’t matter if you have curly or straight hair because both work with the bold bang. Embrace your curls don’t straighten them with this thick set of fringe that hits just below your eyebrows.  For those with straight hair the look is definitely more classic but still in style.

The Long and the Short of It

The latest cuts for 2016 prove that it is really about your preference.

For long hair the lob reigns supreme for another year. The update this time around is a more polished, sleek and sexy styling. It’s a style that can be worn at any age or place and is a modern take on longer hair.

Long, textured waves are another style trend to watch. They add volume to hair while still offering a laid back look. Keep it trimmed often to avoid a bedraggled look and add the long layers to the front of the face for framing.

Short hair is definitely having its moment in 2016. The bob is not only back but proving it never really left. Straight or wavy, this classic cut works on so many face shapes and can look both elegant, fun, sexy and edgy depending on how you style it.

Color Changes

Color has gone a little wild over the last few years.

For blondes this year warmth is in. Leave the icy, cool tones and welcome buttery, beige ones. Dark roots are now acceptable, which is nice for blondes on a budget.

Redheads should go for the gloss and a coppery shade. And forget about ombre, please! Look for a melted color that is dark at the top and slowly turns lighter as it gets longer. Try a tortoiseshell shade of brown called Ecaille to add volume and dimension as well.

Image Source: Polyvore

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