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Lips to Tips: The Lipstick & Nail Trends for Fall 2020

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September 17, 2020

Are you ready to start thinking about the fall fashion season? What about the next big thing in makeup? I think we could all use a bit of diversion right about now. This season comes fresh with an emphasis placed on one eyes and nails (the parts of us not covered by a face mask) but that doesn’t mean that our lips are to be ignored just because they might sometimes be hidden from view. Get ready to read up on the next trends in lipstick colors and how to gloss up those tips this fall 2020 season.

Nada New Trends

What’s new for fall nail trends? Nothing. The style for the fall season is going to be reminiscent of summer. Colors will be bright and vibrant shades. It is all about keeping your days brighter and mood uplifted. Think of it as a second wave of summer this September. Instead of going dark with your polish, you can keep your pastels and corals around a little longer. Pale blue and yellow add a note of cheeriness that is a bit ‘back-to-school’ like too. Now you can get the most use out of your lacquer and save some money in the process.

Wine About It

The typical trend in the autumn months is for wine to be stocking the shelves of stores and nail salons. As we progress beyond September and into October you will see some rich reds, deep burgundy, and wine polish shades more often.

Black is another staple in October, and you will find it again this year too. Maybe go matte with black to change it up. You can find a matte topcoat at your local drugstore, beauty supply chain, or online.

Cuticle Care

One of the most important pieces to remember about your nails over the next few months is that hand washing is taking a toll. We are washing our hands and using more chemicals with hand sanitizer than ever before. Thanks, pandemic! Our hands, nail beds, and cuticles are dry! Pick up some cuticle cream and nail oil the next time you are out and start to use them each night before bed. Also, make sure to moisturize your hands after each washing to combat the dryness will have your hands looking polished not just being polished.

Are Lips Are Sealed

Raise your hand if you swiped on your favorite lippy only to find it smeared on the inside of your face mask? Yeah, me too. It should be of no surprise then to see the matte lip make a comeback. Goodbye gloss and hello to long-lasting lip color. Find a matte color that works for you and makes you smile whether it is a nude, pale pink, vibrant red, or fuchsia. 

The runways saw a lot of designers eschewing foundation and heavy make-up even for the colder months. That is not the norm but then again neither is anything about 2020. Foundation is out and a minimal face is in but that leaves room for playing up your lips. Real reds are in for fall. Matte or not for when you are face mask free. The newest version of this style of red lipstick is to go it unlined. Go red and feel fantastic!

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