Cold Summer Treats for Those Hot Summer Months

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July 5, 2013

When it’s hot outside, the kids are bound to clamor for something cold. These popsicle recipes make a great snack to cool them down. They don’t have as much sugar as the store bought ones and all you need are popsicle molds. Or you can look around your kitchen and use a muffin tin, a parfait glass, Dixie cups or even just an ice cube tray. Freeze the treat for a couple of hours and then insert popsicle sticks in so they will stand up straight.


Watermelon is very refreshing, especially when frozen. Place some cubed watermelon into a blender along with a few sprigs of fresh mint, a touch of lemon or lime juice, and a little bit of sugar if you want it sweeter.  Pour in your popsicle containers and freeze overnight.

Nutella and Yogurt

Who doesn’t love the taste of nutella.  Take some plain yogurt or greek yogurt and swirl in nutella. Place in your containers and freeze.

Root Beer Float

Scoop vanilla ice cream 1/3 of the way up your container.  Add root beer for another 1/3.  Freeze this for a couple hours and then fill the rest of the container with more vanilla ice cream.  Want to change it up? Use Dr. Pepper.  Or try orange soda to get an orange dreamsicle.


This one is endless.  You can use regular lemonade, raspberry lemonade, strawberry, pineapple.  You name it, you like it, you can use it.  Mix together and freeze overnight and you get a cool popsicle to enjoy during the heat of the day.

Fruity Freezes

The possibilities are endless.  Take just about any fruit, place it in blender and freeze.  If you need more sweetness in a drink, add bananas or pears.  If you are using a fruit that discolors easily, add a splash of lemon or lime to keep the fruit from changing.

Fruit and Yogurt

Like the freezes, you can incorporate any fruit and yogurt into a healthy snack. Take 1.5 cups of chopped fruit or berries, 1/2 cup of sliced bananas, 2 cups of plain or vanilla yogurt, and 1/4 cup sugar. Blend until smooth and pour into your containers.

Now your house will be the one on the block that all the kids will flock to just to get a taste of today’s popsicle flavor! And enjoy these other freezer fun treats.

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