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Light Your Garden With a Watering Can

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August 9, 2017

Lights can add so much atmosphere to a yard. Take a look around your own yard to see where lights would make your yard more welcoming. Consider path lights to illuminate your way safely on any walkway. Uplighters, nestled within plants, cast dramatic shadows. Or add twinkling strands of lights to trees, bushes, or the underside of your patio umbrella.

Check out this adorable idea for how to recycle a watering can to brighten your backyard—both day and night.


  • A metal watering can
  • White paint (or color of your choice)
  • A strand of very small white lights. (If you don’t have an outlet nearby, make sure you get solar or battery-powered lights. Fairy lights work well too.)
  • A stake to hang the finished product.  (You can use the stake on the solar white lights if you use solar).


  1. Find a metal watering can at an antique or garden store, or in your own garage or shed.
  2. Prime the can and cover with a protective gloss. Now use spray paint to cover entirely.
  3. Thread lights through the spout, unscrewing the spout first if possible.
  4. If the openings of each individual hole are too small, you may have to drill larger holes to thread the lights. Thread lights through several holes, so they look like water pouring out.
  5. Take the ends of the excess lights, wrap together in a circular motion, and lay them on the ground to make it appear like a puddle of water.
  6. Hang your watering can on a stake.

This video shows some of the instructions as well:

Another unique backyard lighting idea: take mason jars and spool small strands of battery or solar lights inside. Hang the jars in a tree. During the day, the jars will look like unusual ornaments, but at night when you turn the lights to twinkle setting, it will look like you have caught fireflies.

Craft Source: My Olde Country Home 2

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