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Learn More About LEKfit, the New Dance-Inspired Workout!

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April 28, 2017

Lauren Kleban is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur who created LEKfit, a trampoline and dance-inspired workout that she hosts in her tricked-out garage. Kleban has a major cult following among LA bloggers and celebrity moms who want to workout in a private location, while still experiencing the energy and social atmosphere of a group. Celebs including Busy Phillips and Michelle Williams love it. Lauren recently launched a streaming service with videos that can be mix and matched, allowing users to customize their own workouts from where ever they are.  I recently had the opportunity to chat with Lauren about fitness, and about being an entrepreneur.

SocialMoms: Tell us about your workout program. It sounds amazing!

Lauren: LEKfit is a dance-inspired fitness method designed to create long and lean muscles by using intervals of low impact, high intensity, fat-burning cardio with muscle sculpting techniques created to strengthen and tone. The LEKfit method features workouts that are musically driven, super fun, challenging, and effective, but not to be confused with other dance-inspired workouts. Clients are not forced to remember dance sequences but rather move their bodies in a correct way that feels good and gets their heart rate up. Our cardio and strength interval classes are often done on mini trampolines and our sculpt class is unique combination of ballet and yoga.

SM: What inspired you to start your business?

Lauren: Starting LEKfit was a very organic experience. I had been a professional dancer and dance fitness instructor at various gyms and boutique studios prior to having my first child four years ago. While working at multiple fitness studios, I saw the need for a more efficient and effective dance inspired workout.

SM: It’s great that you were able to incorporate your passion into your business. Do you have any tips for women entrepreneurs?

Lauren: Surround yourself with other female entrepreneurs, be smart enough to ask for help when you need it, and never let go of the passion you had when you first got started.

I’m really lucky to have female entrepreneurs as clients and dear friends who are always available to listen and offer advice. Women are so willing to help each other grow, it’s really incredible.

Running a business while also trying to manage a family can be beyond stressful and impossible to do alone. My husband loves to tell the story of how I cried (while 6 months pregnant with our first child) when he told me it was probably time to start interviewing nannies. I somehow thought I could do it all and now I know this would all be impossible without our nanny.

When things get tough remember why you started your business and reconnect with that passion often.

SM: What is your number one fitness recommendation?

Lauren: Find a workout you enjoy, and commit to it.

SM: And what is your number one nutrition recommendation?

Lauren: Everything in moderation!

SM: I know I’m not alone when I say it’s difficult to find time to get to the gym. How can busy moms best squeeze in a workout?

Lauren: Moms need to take care of themselves in order to take care of everyone else, so schedule it like you would any other appointment and commit.

With the fitness industry evolving and so many methods going digital, it’s a lot easier to workout from home. If you can’t make it to our LA studio, you can get the same LEKfit workouts with LEKfit on demand!

SM: I can’t wait to try it! What is the hardest area to tone?

Lauren: I don’t think there is one specific area that is hardest to tone, I think it can be different for everyone. I know I really have to focus on the backs of my arms, but I have many clients who put most of their focus in the backs of their legs. What’s important is finding a workout that works your entire body.

Health and fitness should definitely be part of your life, but it must be enjoyable and never a punishment.

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