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September 6, 2011

I was introduced to juice and juicing by the film, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Though I was not fat, sick, or nearly dead I was facing a big nutritional gap in my diet. I was definitely not consuming enough veggies. But how to incorporate it? I started juicing. And here’s how you can start too.

Find a Juicer!

When you look into a juicer you will notice there are hundreds of different brands and styles to choose from. For my husband and I, we chose an inexpensive juicer from Wal-Mart. It cost approx. $50 and is working great. The main difference in the juicers will be how much juice you get from eat item and what items can be added into the juicer. The more expensive juicers can juice ANYTHING. Our juicer will work with most items except for super soft fruits like bananas.

Start with what you like

If you love apples, start by juicing some apples and drinking that. The beauty of juicing is you can get the nutrient from 5 whole apples without actually having to consume the WHOLE apple. I can down 5 apples in about 5 minutes.

Hide what you don’t like

If you hate spinach, but know you need it in your diet, HIDE IT. With juicing you can hide those “icky” veggies in with some tasty fruit juice. Pick some of your favorite fruits and add a little spinach to it. I promise you won’t even notice it.

Super Foods

Juicing makes adding some super foods to your diet simple. Blueberries, beets, oranges, broccoli, spinach, and many more super fruits and veggies can easily be added to your morning routine with a juicer.

You don’t have to go all out!

Start with just one juice in the morning and work up from there. I noticed an immediate difference in my energy level just from juicing once a day.

A Quick Snack

Juicing is also a great option for those who love to snack. When you feel a craving coming on just juice a couple items and drink up. You will feel full and it will help take the edge off the hunger.

Juicing has been an extremely positive experience for my family and I am happy I finally found a way to get enough veggies in my diet! Do you have any good juicing secrets?

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