Jewelry Trends for 2015

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February 3, 2015

One of the easiest ways to update your look for a new season – be it fall/winter or spring/summer – is to head into the world of accessories.  Shoes, handbags and scarves are easy to add to any outfit. Add a floppy hat or cap for an entirely new take on a daily look. However, none of them go as far as jewelry. One new statement necklace or Art Deco inspired bracelet can quickly become your go-to piece to punch up an outfit any time or day of the week. Check out this year’s newest trends and get ready to create some new ways to wear what you already own.


The top trend for necklaces starts off with the statement piece and morphs into the statement choker.

  1. Chokers. These were big in the 1990s and are back at it once again. The difference this time around is that they are big and bold. Full of metal, geometric designs and brightly colored baubles, today’s chokers are brash and full of sass. No dainty cameos, lace or ribbon ties this time around.
  2. Oversized Pendants. Sick of the statement necklace but still want a piece that pops? The oversized pendant is just for you.  Keep it simple with delicate strands as the chain or wear a truly oversized one with more than one pendant piece attached.

Metal Work

Last year it was all about mixing metals and adding touches of rose gold to our looks.  This year we still see some mixing and matching with the added addition of beautiful bronze. Don’t think for a moment it will escape the trim on a clutch bag or be seen in a sequined look either. Bronze is having a moment and so is brass right along with it. Look for brass to pop up in your housewares this year big time too.

Lovely Lobes

When it comes to decorating our lobes we have moved beyond the studs and head into something a bit more daring.

  1. The Askew. This trend is for only the bravest fashionistas. The girl who can take the stares as she struts down the street with one earring in one beautiful color on the right and the left in an entirely different shade. Get real bold and have one dangling earring and one statement stud. It’s the best of both worlds.
  2. Estate Earrings. Love the look of the statement earring? Then get excited because the ‘estate’ earring is just another new way to wear these ladies who lunch style studs. Dainty yet regal and bejeweled or in a single metal finish these earrings are seriously easy to incorporate into your daily look.

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