It’s Your House & Your Gym

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March 3, 2015

Daily exercise is a big deal.  It can make your day, provide energy and better sleep as well as keep the pounds away. Build strong muscles and bones right at home by sneaking in some exercise or creating a workout program using everyday items and locations around your own house.  Once you establish the routine and time, you will find it easy to sneak in a few extra reps or an entire 30 minutes of exercise without even leaving your house.

Home Equipment

It’s easy to find ways to use the structure of your home and furniture for cardio and strength training.

  1. If you have stairs in your house you have the making of a great workout. Even if it is just a set of 3-4 steps you can use them for cardio in a pinch.  We tell our kids to run up and down the stairs when they are stir crazy. Perhaps we should do the same thing.  Spending 30 minutes walking up and down the stairs can burn over one hundred calories.  Or try running up and down a flight of stairs for 5-10 minutes at a time before moving on to a strengthening move.
  2. Don’t just use the wall for balance, use it for push-ups!  Get in your daily reps and build up strength by doing sets of ten push-ups at a time.  Lay flat on your back on the floor and place your feet on the wall for crunches and other ab work.  It creates balance and resistance for maximum results.
  3. Plié and squat at your kitchen counter.  The counter can be a ballet Barre in a flash too. Don’t forget to use it for stretching and lengthening muscles post-workout as well.
  4. Chairs for squats are good spotters but sit down and use a child’s ball to squeeze between your knees to tone up the inner thigh area.

Pound for Pound

Lean muscle is every woman’s best friend.  Not only are you stronger but your bones are healthier when you lift light weights a few times a week.  If you don’t have a set of free weights on hand that’s fine.  Everything from soup cans to bags can be your weights as long as you do it carefully.

  1. Large suit cans fit easily into hands and work well as small light weights. Take one in each hand for tricep dips and butterfly curls.
  2. A book-bag makes an excellent bicep curl weight. Use a full laundry detergent container or a milk jug full of water.
  3. Fill up two 64 ounce bottles for your workout and be prepared to use them for any weight lifting routine.

How do you exercise around the house?

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