It’s Electric: Your Wardrobe That Is

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May 29, 2014

Have you ever wanted to take center stage when you walk into a room? You certainly will if you choose to don the latest, coolest, and brightest of the brights this summer. When the air turns warm and humid and the sun burns hot these colors amp up the seasonal vibe even more.  Take a dip into this trend, here’s how:

Acidic Taste

Think bold and then go even further beyond with this trend.  This look requires you to be ready to make a statement the minute you step out the door. The key element to wearing these Kool-Aid hues is to keep it simple. The color is the only thing that you need.  If your main piece is an acid shade let your backdrop shine in neutral tones like black, cream, navy and nude.  The reverse rules apply if you are using these bright shades as accents.  Stick with one acidic shade for a purse, heeled sandal or set of shades.  It will pop more against the soft backdrop.

Fabric Test

When wearing this trend it is best to keep fabrics soft too. Skip the hot pinks, citrus bright yellow and greens in patent leather and shiny plastic feeling fabrics. Avoid clear plastics with this look too. Instead, wear it in silk, soft leather, mesh and cotton.  A fabric that holds clean, simple lines is the best way to wear this set of ultra-sharp colors.


Just like the fabrics the super-saturated colors in the psychedelic color trend beg for simple cuts and pieces that stay within the classic set.  Remember that this look attracts attention on its own color merit.  There is usually no need to add statement necklaces or other big baubles to it.

  1. Pair a basic sheath dress in an acid bright pink color with nude heels. Keep make-up neutral with a nude lip and softly blushed cheeks. A black cat-eye adds a small dash of drama.
  2. Style up some white denim jeans in Capri or full-length style with an acid green tank.   Add more flair by putting on a soft pink blazer for a fresh summery look.
  3. Black pants, a full midi-length skirt or fitted capris will look downright elegant and new again when worn with a pair of acid orange or blue shirt.
  4. While black and white make acid colors pop, navy and beige bring them down a level. An acid green skirt matched with a navy tank in a structured fabric looks polished. When you place the neutral shade on top, avoid prints and patterns. You can add some bling like a large single-hued necklace to streamline the look.

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