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Inspirational Music in the House

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April 24, 2019

Bob Marley sang in his song Trenchtown Rock, “One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain.”

Another song of his tells us, “Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright.”

He’s among many songwriters who have recorded powerful uplifting music over the years. Playing music with positive lyrics can be a mood booster for adults and also offer a boost of confidence for children. It’s easy and fun to listen to their favorite Disney lyrics for messages on life, love, hope, and inspiration.

According to Psychology Today, there is strong evidence that music enhances mood and provides some relief from anxiety and stress. Music therapy is used to help treat many disorders and illnesses from depression to dementia to insomnia.

It’s easy to see why. Have you ever been teetering on a bad mood? You feel tense and wired and about to lose your cool. In those moments have you ever put on your favorite song, danced around the house, or hopped in the car and tuned to a great station you love? Did you notice a change in your mood within minutes? It does happen!

You can even prevent these bad moods by listening to those songs that lift you up and inspire you to be the best you can. Turn on songs that provide the energy to un-slump you, songs that bring back great memories, and songs you want to sing along to! Like an exercise session, music can get our endorphins flowing and put our focus on feeling good.

Create some positive upbeat playlists to listen to often. And so not to get bored, add new music to it frequently. Listen in the car, in the yard and when exercising. In this day and age of computers, TV, and cell phones in our faces—not to mention negative news—choosing to tune those out for a while and listen to music can be soothing or uplifting or both!

What feel-good songs do you love? Have you listened to music recently?

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