How to Incorporate the Current 2011 Fall Trends into Your Existing Wardrobe

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September 28, 2011

Every year, with the changing of the seasons, comes the new must-have wardrobe trends. The big seasons for new trends are usually spring and fall. The problem with following them, and purchasing just the right piece, is what do you do with your wardrobe when today’s trend becomes ‘so yesterday’?

For example, a big fall 2011 clothing trend right now is polka-dots. Are you going to go out and buy a pair of polka-dot pants, only to wear them this season? No! You incorporate these fall trends with accent pieces into your wardrobe. That way, you can still wear them next year too.

Here are a few ways to incorporate the current fall trends into your existing wardrobe:


Like them or not, polka-dots are back in. How do you incorporate a trend that is so in-your-face like polka-dots can be? With accessories.

My favorite way to add polka-dots to a wardrobe is with a scarf. I have several smaller scarves that I wear as both a headband and a scarf. My absolute favorite one is my polka-dot one. On days when you feel like your outfit needs some extra pizazz, throw on a scarf.

Some other polka-dot accessories to add to your wardrobe are sunglasses, a clutch or tights/hose.


I’ve seen the red trend mentioned in many magazines as the color for fall. Whether you are decorating your home or wardrobe with touches of red, this color can be a lot of fun.

How can you include red in your wardrobe? Shoes. Go with a red heel for a night out on the town, or with the red flat when taking the kids to the park. This color adds a punch of color to any outfit.

Shirts & Blouses

Try purchasing trendy shirts that you love and most likely will wear again. It’s easy to pair your favorite shirt with just the right jeans for a casual looking outfit.

One trend I love right now is plaid. Plaid just oozes fall and cooler weather and I know I’d wear this shirt well into the next season. It’s comfy, it’s in style, and it is an easy way to add the plaid trend into your existing wardrobe.

Other fall trends you could incorporate with shirts and blouses include lace and animal prints. Both would look great under a blazer.

As you can see, there are simple ways to add Fall 2011 Trends into your existing wardrobe, without purchasing pieces you will never wear again.

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