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How to Wear Colored Denim

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September 27, 2012

There’s a colorful trend coming this fall that will either make you cringe or get you excited. We’re talking colored denim and it is back in a big way with great colors and styles. If you wear them right that is. For those of you who love your blue denim, maybe it’s time to get out of the blue rut and mix things up a bit. Colored denim can add a vibrant pop and some excitement to your wardrobe.

The great feature about colored denim is it can be the focal point of your entire outfit. Getting dressed in the morning and putting together a great looking outfit can be a breeze. Whether you’re going on a casual date night, taking the kids to the park or heading into work for casual Friday – colored denim works.

Here are some fun ways to wear colored denim.

Pair Colored Denim with a Blue Jean Jacket

A denim jacket can go with just about any color denim jeans you own. It’s so versatile and perfect for layering your looks during those early fall months. A nice button down shirt in a crisp white, or a blue that compliments the denim jacket, gives your look a nice flow.

For a more casual feel, leave the shirt un-tucked. If you want to dress it up, tuck in the shirt and accessorize with a skinny belt.

Pair Colored Denim with a Neutral Top

If wearing colored denim makes you a little nervous, tone it down with a neutral top in white, cream, tan or black. You can choose a button down, a t-shirt or a dressier top. You can also wear very neutral accessories as well. This makes sure the jeans stay the focal point of the outfit and it’s a great way to get you feeling comfortable in your colored denim.

I have a pair of red jeans, which I started out wearing with a white shirt. As I’ve gotten more comfortable in them, I‘ve been experimenting with different looks. Now I’m ready to add in more denim jean colors to my fall wardrobe.

It’s Time for Color Blocking

If you follow fashion blogs or read fashion magazines, then the term “color blocking” is very familiar to you. This is a fashion trend I am still trying to embrace and get more comfortable with, and is one that shouts color and definitely helps you stand out in a crowd. Color blocking is mixing bright solid colors together.

An example of color blocking with denim would be a pair of blue denim with a hot pink shirt and green shoes. It’s vibrant, it’s loud, and it’s very trendy right now. If you’re new to color blocking, match your shoes to your shirt or even opt for a neutral shoe such as black.

Another way to color block is to wear a brightly colored cardigan, but with a white shirt underneath. It’s a fun way to wear the color blocking trend, but ease your way into it.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and try rocking a pair of colored denim? When choosing your colored denim, go with the style you usually wear.  Have fun with your wardrobe and your look and don’t be afraid to experiment. You might just find out those pink jeans are exactly what your closet has been begging for.

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