October 6, 2017

I struggle with the organization 0f my kitchen cupboards and drawers almost every day. One day I’m trying to fit a baking sheet onto a shelf in the cupboard, the next I’m trying to store sharp knives. I know that I am not alone. Here are four DIY projects to organize your kitchen.

Cookie Sheets and Pan Lids

Are your cookie sheets crammed into a cupboard and nudging at the door because they are all different sizes?  Use an office paper/folder divider to stand the sheets upright in your cupboard. This keeps your cupboard neat and makes it easier to find the pan you need.

Store pan lids by attaching adhesive hooks to the inside of cupboard doors. You should be able to fit at least three pan lids on each cupboard door.

Pots and Pans

Tired of wrestling pots and pans out of cupboards? If you have the wall space, use a peg board to hang kitchen items. Along with pots and pans, you can hang cheese graters, colanders, wooden spoons, and other utencils, too. After placing all the items you want on the pegboard, outline each item in a contrasting color so you will know exactly where to hang it after use.

Utensil Drawers

Is your utensil drawer a jumbled mess? Mine is, and searching for the right utensil when I need it can be exasperating. This project design by Kevin and Amanda is so simple and cheap. All you need is craft board and some wood glue. You can see the full instructions here.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

My measuring cups and spoons are stored all over the kitchen and are hard to find when I need them. Simple solution: buy a very thin piece of wood to hang on the inside of an upper cabinet. Paint it with chalkboard paint. Screw in tiny screw hooks and hang your measuring cups and spoons. Label each item with chalk. No more searching for that 1/8 teaspoon!

See more ideas at Good Housekeeping. Do you have a favorite kitchen organizing tip?