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How to Recover from Holiday Overindulgence

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December 9, 2017

The holidays often mean too much food and too little healthy living. During the holiday season, we tend to go out more and stay up late; to spend time drinking hot chocolate in front of the fire and snacking on Christmas cookies. All of that holiday living may mean we need a reset come January. Here are four ways to start.

Evaluate Your Goals

Take a step back and evaluate your goals. Are you trying to lose weight or tone up? Do you need to watch what you eat, increase your exercise … or both? Are there other health goals you need to address, like drinking more water or getting enough sleep every night? Take a realistic look at where you are and where you’d like to be.

Ban Processed Food for a Month

If you’re on track for your health goals and just need a quick reset to eliminate a pound or two after too many Christmas sweets, try this: For one month, eliminate all processed food from your diet. This includes items like bread, pasta, rice, cereal, microwave meals, etc. Avoid foods with added sugar or artificial ingredients. Restrict your diet to whole foods like meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and legumes.

Try a Detox

There are many different types of detox programs to choose from. These programs will help to remove toxins (heavy minerals, artificial ingredients, and pollutants) from your body. We’re exposed to these in our food, water, and environment. Research detox programs and choose carefully to find one that’s right for your age and lifestyle. I’ve always found that the detox teas work best for me.

Find a Health Buddy

If you’re like me, it’s difficult to maintain your health goals. I do  well for a week or so, but then my self-discipline starts to slip. Stay on track by finding a health buddy.  Set goals together, and when you’re feeling your self-control slip, reach out to your buddy for advice and support. It’s great if your health buddy lives nearby, so you can exercise and celebrate your successes together. You can also find a buddy by using a workout or healthy living app, and join challenges in your area.

How do you plan to reset after the holidays?

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