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How to Have a Virtual Birthday Party

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July 16, 2020

If you’re wondering how you can celebrate your birthday without having friends and family over, I have a few suggestions. Virtual or social distance birthday parties are a new idea for many people with the advent of COVID-19. While our parties may look a little bit different than they used to, it doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate. We just need to make a few changes to how we do it.

Having a virtual birthday party can be loads of fun. There are many different video chat platforms available. The one you choose will depend on what type of technology your guests have and how comfortable they feel using it. You can invite everyone, no matter how far apart they live. Just ask each person to decorate the space behind where they sit so each “view” is of party decorations.

Be sure to keep the guest of honor’s interests in mind when you plan your virtual party. If they love Harry Potter, look for Harry Potter decorations and get a Harry Potter cake. Try ordering magical themed cookies and having some sent to everyone to enjoy during the party.

You can still do all of the traditional party activities provided you plan ahead. People can make their own cakes or purchase a cupcake from the store. Send the party gifts via the mail and then watch the guest of honor open them during the virtual birthday party.

Plan on having a few virtual party games to keep the momentum going. There are several virtual party game sites out there right now that have online party games available. And, you can always play music in the background for everyone to listen to.

If you have friends and family that are close by, you can do a drive-by party. All you need to do is to call the guest of honor and tell them to go outside and stand on the front steps. Then, have everyone drive by in their cars honking their horns and waving signs that say Happy Birthday. You can even tie balloons on ribbons to the back of each car.

And, of course, you can make a special birthday care package for them to open on their special day. They have surprise boxes where balloons float out when you open them. And, they make greeting cards that explode with paper butterflies or confetti when they are opened.

Remember, just because this party is virtual doesn’t mean that you should skimp on food and decorations. Keep the party mood alive and make it easy for your guests to feel and see the atmosphere.

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