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How to Cut the Carbs in Your Holiday Cookies

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December 14, 2020

Who can resist a big plate of Christmas cookies? If you’re trying to watch your carbs or your sugar, holiday snacks and treats can be a downfall that’s hard to say no to. Thankfully, with a few simple modifications and a little bit of willpower, you can make it through the holidays without adding 10 pounds.

Carbs are found in sugar, grains, and starches. This can include things like candy, hot chocolate, holiday cookies, and eggnog. And, while there is nothing inherently bad about carbs, what you don’t burn off turns into added weight.

Since holiday cookies contain flour, dairy and some type of sugar, eating too many of them can definitely raise your carbs and your weight. But, there are a few simple ways you can cut the carbs in your holiday cookies.

Replace Sugar

One of the easiest ways to cut your carbs is to watch your sugar content. Rather than using the traditional sugar you normally use, look for cookie recipes that are made with Swerve or Stevia instead. While the taste may not be exactly the same, it’s a great way to watch your sugar.

Check Your Add-Ins

You can also watch the extras that you add to your cookies. Everything that adds sugar to your recipe will increase the carb count. So, rather than adding chocolate chips and M&Ms to your cookies, why not try chopped nuts. Or, leave a few of your cookies with no frosting rather than decorating them all.

Hunt for Recipes

Look for alternative cookie recipes. See if you can find Keto or Paleo cookie recipes to help cut down on the amount of traditional flour and sugar you use. These types of recipes will both be lower in carbs and calories. Almond flour is much lower in carbs than traditional white all-purpose flour is. Experiment until you find the ones that you really like.

Go For Small

Make smaller cookies. If you’re the type that needs to sample one or two of every cookie on the tray, make your cookies smaller. This will allow guests to try one of every type without the worry that they will blow their diet.

Or course, when it comes right down to it, the very best way to watch your carbs during the holidays is to eat a few fewer treats. If self control is hard for you, try to eat before you leave home. This way you won’t be as tempted by the treats as you might normally. And, if you are baking at home, freeze the cookies rather than leave them on the counter. Take out only what you need to eat in one day.

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