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How to Choose Winter Boots for Style and Warmth

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December 18, 2018

There are so many winter boots in the stores right now that it can be a challenge to know which is the best pair to choose for both style and warmth. Of course, we want to look put together and fashionable when we go out. But, we want our feet to stay warm and dry at the same time. Is it possible to buy boots that will be both stylish and warm? It is! Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are making your choice.

Go For Waterproof

One of the best ways to keep your feet warm in the winter is to keep them dry. Many winter boots are waterproof, however, not all are. Unless you see the word waterproof on the label, don’t assume that’s what you’re getting.  You’ll need to make sure that both the uppers and the bottoms are waterproof. Otherwise, your feet won’t stay as dry as you’d hoped when you’re walking through snow. Remember that water-resistant is not the same thing as waterproof.

Check the Height

Remember that a low boot will be fine for walking in the city or for going from your car to your home provided the walkways are clear. But, if you have any amount of snow on the ground, you’ll want to choose a winter boot that goes up higher on your calf. If you opt to wear a lower boot height, you can always add a pair of warm wool boot socks to help keep you warm.

Look at the Lining

The material your boots are made of plays a large part in now warm they are. While leather is certainly stylish, it’s not always that warm. If you opt for leather or suede, it’s vital that you get boots that are lined if you want your feet to stay warm. An insulating wool lining will help keep your feet both warm and dry. A number of popular women’s boot brands feature brushed leather boots with warm wool linings.

If you plan on wearing your boots during both warm and cold weather, look for boots that have removable liners. You can wear the boots with the warm wool liners in the winter. But, you can remove the liner and wear the boots alone during the warmer months. A removable liner also makes it easier to dry your boots out when you come in from the snow.

Add a Bit of Flare

If you want a bit of style to your boot, you can look for boots with buttons, fringe, tassels, and bows. While this won’t make your boots warmer, they can make them more stylish. Just be aware when choosing your boots that exposure to snow and salt can make these decorations look limp and worn if not properly cared for.

What’s your best tip for choosing boots that are warm and stylish?

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