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How to Channel the Golden Globes Style

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January 15, 2020

The famed Golden Globes awards show is over. The winners were announced, and the statues passed out, but the style from that night can still live on. Red carpet or not, you can take pieces of the most popular looks from that star-studded night and incorporate them into your own everyday wear. Lights, camera, action! It is time to add a bit of glamour to your closet. I’ve put together four ways to maximize those golden moments both day and night.

The reds have it.

The red lip swept the night on top of all other lippy looks. Polished glamour reigns when you rock the red. Matte or gloss it doesn’t matter. It is all about wearing a red that creates a mood with your outfit and lets you leave the rest of your face alone. Swipe on a cherry red like Kerry Washington did or a Rachel Brosnahan’s Bordeaux shade and wear all black. Pastels look best with a coppery red or a swipe in a poppy hue red. So, set aside your nude shade for a few and indulge in the easy, looks great on everyone red that suits you and your style best. It’s also a great way to spice up what you were in the cold winter months.

Glamour in gold.

Beyoncé shined bright in her gold ultra puff-sleeve gown and simple straight hair. Want to stand out at your next event or night out? Copy the look in a play down the way that highlights the best parts of your ensemble.  The drama of her dress can be yours with a puff-sleeve cocktail dress or gown. Pair a set of gold dangle earrings with simple and straight hair and you are set for the night. Poufy puffs, not your thing? Find your style by picking out a gold dress. Gold is glamour all the way.  From a gold wrap dress or pleated skirt, you can’t knock this dose of decadence. 

Adorn with embellishments.

Many stars wreathed their hair in beautiful crystal-laden embellishments.  Whether in an ethereal bun or tucked in as a headband, the glitter and glow from these hairpieces were evident that night. Tiny rhinestones or bits of floral designs and butterflies on clips look gorgeous when you need to add a dash of sparkle to your lovely locks. This is a great way to add depth to a look and be on-trend when you are going out or even on your special day.  Stars like Lucy Boynton and Rooney Mara showed off their own ballet-inspired clips, bands, and nets. 

Beachy curls add texture.

Surf the red carpet looks and you find that beachy waves are still a thing.  Always on point, Jennifer Aniston looked stunning with her long, soft waves. Full and with a bit of a bounce, her hair radiated simplicity. It works for both day and night too. Margot Robbie, Rachel Bilson, and Busy Phillips all wore waves that were easy in style and effort but looked polished at the same time. The key is to not create too much fullness or curl.  Find your own way and wave style with your medium or long length hair. A flat iron or wave curler that works best on your hair type can be found at your local beauty supply shop or online. 

What was your favorite look of the night?

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