How to Buy Shapewear

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June 19, 2011

Have you tried shapewear yet? It’s actually been around forever (can you imagine squeezing into a corset?), but has evolved into something much more comfortable and do-able for every woman. Long gone are the days when women gave up being able to breathe and move in order to look a little thinner. Shapewear allows you to move, breathe and look good!

Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to buy shapewear. You shouldn’t just walk into a store or click the ‘Buy now’ button without first doing your research.

Choosing the wrong piece of shapewear can make your outfit look worse and completely defeat the purpose of wearing it in the first place. From choosing the wrong colors and sizes—to experiencing bulging at the top or bottom—these can all be avoided with a little bit of knowledge and shapewear buying know-how.

Proper Measurements and Sizing

Shapewear is by no means a ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of garment. If you purchase a size too small, you’ll experience bulging in all the wrong places. If you purchase a size too large, it won’t smooth out those bumps and lumps you want to hide. Measure your waist, hips and chest. A great go-to guide for measuring is freshpair.com.

Decide Your Shapewear Needs

Now that you have your measurements, determine what body parts need the most help. Do you want a slimmer stomach? Or maybe a more toned looking bottom? There are so many different pieces to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites:

Flexees Slip by jcpenney: This provides complete smoothing from bra-line to mid-thigh. This is the perfect piece for those slim fitting summer dresses.

Tanks by Yummie Tummie: I would deem this a must-have if you love wearing tanks. This is definitely an everyday piece and it’s super comfortable. It smooths, slims, shapes and lifts in all the right places.

Bra-Cha-Cha Strapless Bra by Spanx: If the catchy name doesn’t pull you in and make you want to buy this, the amazing comfort will. This is the first-ever stay-put strapless bra and it does everything you want a strapless bra to do. What’s up with the name? You can even cha-cha in this bra and it stays put! Now let’s go dancing.

Choose the Right Color

Shapewear generally comes in three basic colors: nude, white and black. Choose nude for your everyday pieces, as it goes with just about every skin tone.

Read up on the Different Brands

Not all shapewear is created equal. Do your research and read reviews on the different shapewear brands. They range in all different prices and sometimes you get what you pay for. There are less expensive brands, like Assets from Target, that are not only affordable, but a great line to start out with.

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