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Holiday Decorating Ideas For the Front of Your House

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December 6, 2017

It’s time for holiday decorations! The fireplace mantle is adorned with stockings, garlands, and pine cones. The tree is covered in balls and tinsel. Now it’s time to make your front porch inviting for guests! Here are three ways to decorate the front of your home.

Small Christmas Trees

This craft is easy to do and takes less than half an hour. Start with a tomato cage and turn it upside down. Then wrap garlands around the cage, starting at the top. Use green garland, or whatever color you prefer. Next, wrap lights around the tree. Slide the rim of the cage over a flower pot so it looks like a potted tree. Place a tree on each side of your front door for a festive look.

Bouncy Jingle Bells

Turn bouncy balls into huge jingle bells with this idea I found on the Hometalk email.


  1. 3 large rubber bouncy balls
  2. 3 hula hoops
  3. Gold metallic spray paint
  4. Black acrylic matte paint


  1. Peel the decorative tape off the hula hoop.
  2. Find where the hula hoop connects and pull apart.
  3. Put the hula hoop around the ball and cut it to fit the ball. Connect the hoop back together using a little bit of super glue to keep it secure.
  4. Spray one half of the ball and hula hoop with gold paint. Let it dry and then tip over to spray the second half.
  5. After the gold has dried entirely, paint four circles, spaced evenly, close to the hula hoop. Starting at each circle paint a wide line, tapering down to the “top” of the ball where all four lines meet.

Now you have three adorable jingle bells to place around your front door.

Branch Tree

I found a dead branch on the ground as I walked through a park close to my house. It gave me an idea for an unusual decoration for my porch. I placed the branch in a pot filled with pebble rocks (you can also use dirt). I gathered some tree ornaments and other mismatched decorations I haven’t used in awhile, and hung them on the branch, along with a garland or two. The branch looks great on my porch, almost like a Charlie Brown tree!

What are your favorite DIY holiday decorating ideas?

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