Holiday Crafting With Your Kids This Season

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December 14, 2011

With the holiday season officially underway, it’s important to embrace opportunities where we can spend creative quality time with our kids. If you still feel the need to get your craft on after all the Halloween and Thanksgiving projects, making your own Christmas decorations is a great way to slow down and connect with your kids during the hectic holiday season.

When my 10-year-old was younger, we would paint white craft glue onto plain glass ornaments purchased from a crafts store such as Michael’s, and roll them in glitter (think rolling snicker doodle cookie dough in cinnamon sugar). It was fun and easy, and yes messy, but we still hang those ornaments on the tree years later. As he’s gotten older, we’ve graduated to painting glass ornaments and using a hot glue gun to bedazzle them with crystals, feathers, ribbons, even birds. An easy cut and glue craft that we enjoyed doing together consisted of taking a tin or cardboard star, cutting festive scrapbooking paper to size, gluing the pieces onto the star and then sealing it with clear or glittery Mod Podge – adding a festive ribbon completed the look.

Here’s the items we used for the craft up above:


Supplies for making ornaments can be bought at stores like Amazing Savings or Michaels, and if you check your newspapers for coupons, you can save even more money. If you  need suggestions, Michaels.com has great ideas for crafting projects ranging from ornament decorating to cookie baking to sewing. Plaidonline.com is also an excellent resource for more holiday crafting ideas, as well as year-round and rainy day projects. Both these sites offer materials lists, pictures and clear instructions so even the novice or youngest crafter can turn out some really fun and pretty awesome decorations.

Incorporating crafts into your holiday routine will not only give you some quality down time with your kids and help them flex their creative muscles, but you’ll also be rewarded with beautiful ornaments to cherish for years to come. Holiday crafts also make great Christmas gifts, especially for the grandparents. Crafting decorations has become a yearly tradition that our family looks forward to. It’s a relaxing counterpoint to the sometimes stressful but nonetheless joyous and most anticipated time of the year in our household.

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