March 28, 2017

Spring is here and it’s time to start thinking about ways to enjoy the out-of-doors and to get in shape, too. Why not try a Spartan race? It is intense, but fun, and it’s great to do with friends. You can make a day or a weekend out of the event. It will push you to a new fitness level because the training is more rigorous than the typical exercise regime.

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Getting Started

First, you need to find a race that motivates you. Next, sign up for a team or create one with a group of friends. A group of Spartan newbies with a few experienced racers creates a nice mix to get you into the Spartan mindset.

What is the Spartan mindset? You have to realize that this race is going to get you dirty. It isn’t going to be a simple trail run. It’s a race that requires you to carry objects, run hills, climb ropes, and crawl under barbed wire. If this sounds exciting to you, that is half the battle. Now you are ready to formulate a training plan.

How to Train

A mix of endurance runs, circuit training for strength, and intervals, will put you on the road to success as you prepare for the race. It is important to incorporate two days of rest into your weekly training routine. A proper nutrition plan is also essential. What you put into your body will help bring you to the next level in your training, and give you the energy and strength you need to make it to the finish line. Don’t forget to plan your clothing carefully. Having the right gear is a key to comfort and endurance.

Day 1 | Strength Circuits: Start the week off by doing a mix of strength circuits for 2-3 rounds. Do this twice a week, preferably as the first and fifth training session of the week. Here’s an example.

Day 2 | Hill Workout: Find a hill near you to run up and down. Trails work too.  Do this once a week to increase speed and strength.

Day 3 | Rest: You trained hard on days one and two. Rest on the third day to get ready for the next three days of training.

Day 4 | Intervals: This helps you prepare for those parts of the race when you are simply running the course without obstacles. Start with short intervals to increase your speed and work up to longer intervals with a decreased speed.

Day 5 | Strength Circuits: See above

Day 6 | Endurance Run: The sixth day of your training should consist of a long run. This will increase your overall endurance during the race.

Day 7 | Rest: Enjoy your day off and be sure to keep up with your nutrition plan!