January 31, 2020

New year, new you! Does that sound too familiar? You are not alone. This month was certainly jam-packed with all the ways you can improve yourself—whether it was removing the clutter from your home or cleaning up your eating and refrigerator. There is certainly no shortage of wellness and fitness trends as they crop up faster than your sports bra during barre class. I suggest that you try one! Dive, jump, or run to the next one that fits into your life. It might be the one that helps you cement that feel-good, endorphin-filled feeling that propels you into your healthiest year yet.

Do Go It Alone

Group classes fill up fast at this time of year. For some of us, they cause more anxiety than your high school locker room did back in the day. Why not ditch the idea of a class and stay home! Find your groove in the latest at-home workouts. Technology has made it possible for us to follow instructors and programs or even feel like you are getting one on one training in the comfort of your home. Are you still looking for the energy that only a class provides you? That’s now an option too. 

Tonal and Mirror both allow you to turn your home into a high-tech fitness studio. By attaching either the Mirror device or the Tonal all-in-one fitness system onto a wall you can train with an instructor and do full-body workouts that help you use resistance and loads of different exercises to strength train your way to better health.

On-Demand streaming is another way to improve everything from flexibility, stamina and lose weight. You can do it at home with live-streaming classes or enroll in a service such as Beachbody OnDemand to find a class or program to achieve your health and fitness goals in 2020. 


There’s no stopping the love fitness folks have for HIIT workouts. The popularity of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) isn’t slowing down any time soon. People love the endorphin high, the fast results, and quick classes. The downside of HIIT for some of us is joint aggravation and pain, especially as we age. Welcome, HILIT or High-Intensity Low Impact Training! This addition of low impact still gets the metabolism-boosting results of HIIT without the wear and tear on your joints. Runners and Crossfitters rejoice in this new style of workout. 

Community & Connection

For some of us, we need to step outside. Our happy place is within a group setting. Two 2020 fitness trends are community-based workouts and the group connection. For those of you who like a class setting, you know that some of the regulars in your class each week can become your friends IRL.  The same is true when you decide to workout with a group of people living within your community—whether it is on regularly scheduled walks, hikes or classes held in a park within area. Use the community space and get to know your neighbors that are farther away than next door! The ability to be outside and soak up some Vitamin D is a bonus. For extroverts, it is further fuel for that often-needed fitness motivation.

What trend or fitness routine do you want to try this year?