September 15, 2011

Ever wondered what it’d feel like to complete one of your local 5km race competitions?  What about a sprint triathlon or a long distance swim event or even take a lesson in Stand Up Paddling?  Fitness competitions can be incredibly motivating and fun to participate in.  It’s also a fantastic way to set reasonable and achievable goals because, for example, in a 5km race, you can make big jumps in time by simply participating in them regularly.  

The beauty of competitions is that you kind of “dress up” for a race. You might spend a little extra time working on your sprint, you might make a little extra effort to eat healthy, you might get a little more sleep each night … and it’s just a little bit more motivating to challenge yourself amongst a group of peers.  The best thing about entering a competition is the fact that once you pay for an event, it’s likely that you’ll train for it!

This author truly believes that if we model a behavior that it will be reflected back to us at some point.  Hopefully, as parents, we are always putting our best foot forward and always modeling the appropriate behaviors (raise your hand, if you’re perfect!!).  I know that when I was a child, I watched my dad compete in triathlon competitions, so when I was at the appropriate age, I competed as well.  Both my brothers did too!  It was just something we did because our dad did it!  If you want your children to grow up strong and healthy, you model those behaviors to them! I do and my children know I value strength and eating clean and they understand it.

Let me be your cheering section for entering yourself into a local competition and finishing it!!  All it takes is 6-8 weeks to train for most events (under 30 minutes) and you’ll feel so much better at the end of it.   In addition, there are lots of events you could enter with your children, running races are the easiest one, of course, but, then there are others like bowling or golf or tennis or school competitions that you could get involved in with your kid as well.  All it takes is a commitment to change, put the right step forward each and every day, and have a positive attitude!

The following are just a few of the free resources that are available online to help you get started on competitions – whether it’s a 5km goal or a Sprint Triathlon!  Hal Higdon Sprint Triathlon Training Program and  Couch to 5k.