Go Nuts for Coconut: Add to Your Beauty & Health Routine

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April 10, 2014

Even if natural beauty isn’t quite your thing, the allure of the coconut is hard to miss these days. Everything from coconut water to milk and now oil has been hitting store shelves and proclaiming its beauty-magnifying qualities. What some countries have used for years as a beauty staple is now popular stateside. Take a look at all that coconut oil has to offer.

Major Moisture

Coconut oil is an anti-inflammatory for your skin and that makes it a superior moisturizer.  Those scaly winter elbows and knees will meet with defeat when coconut oil hits them. The same goes for callused feet that need to get ready for sandal season. The antioxidant Vitamin E is in coconut oil and it works as a barrier to protect the skin from outside elements and bacteria. Don’t forget it makes a nice moisturizing shave cream too. Perfect for getting your gams ready for summer.

Your head and scalp can find relief and recover from damage like protein loss in the hair shaft with coconut oil.  Using shampoo or conditioner infused with coconut oil or a coconut mask on your hair and scalp can provide eczema relief and rejuvenate dry, damaged hair. It fights frizz too. Take a small amount of coconut oil and rub on your hands. For thick hair you can apply it from the root to tip of the hair. Oily hair should just get a treatment at the ends. The oil keeps moisture out, which is what causes the frizz in the first place.

Pulling its Weight

It seems that the phrase “oil pulling” is all over the internet these days and cropping up in magazines.  This term may seem like an off-shore rig type of thing but what it really is has everything to do with coconut oil.  For centuries people have been using coconut oil orally like a mouthwash to rid their body of toxins and bacteria.  Use the coconut oil in solid or liquid form and swish about a tablespoon of it in your mouth for 10-20 minutes daily. It is perfectly fine to build up to that timeframe.  The oil “pulls” the bacteria from your mouth and teeth out, including plaque and other toxic substances and gets spit out at the end of the session.  An added benefit is whiter teeth.  The oil removes the stains left by food and drink over time.

Real Remover

The chemicals used in the many make-up removers sit on your face and around your eyes most of the night.  That isn’t healthy.  Coconut oil removes even the most stubborn mascara and eye make-up and leaves skin clean, soft and ready for a night of renewal.

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