Ginger and Spice for First Aid is Nice

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February 4, 2014

The idea that items found in your garden and grocery store can heal you is nothing new.  For century’s people all over the world have used plants like ginger, feverfew, and dandelion to help ease headache pain, stomach upset, and skin irritations. Recent studies suggest that we are turning to these at home methods more and with greater results.  Let’s check out a few of the most popular and easy ways to cure what ails you.


The slightly spicy root is grown best right here in the US to cure everything from colds, nausea, headaches, arthritis and menstrual pain. Highly effective in oil, tea, juice, powder or raw form, ginger is a wonderful source of Vitamins A, E, B-complex, magnesium, iron, zinc and beta-carotene. It works to combat nausea during a stomach flu or pregnancy; it works as an anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-bacterial medicine too. You can even use it to treat a cough. If your stomach hurts and you are away from home a cup of plain ginger tea can soothe it.  Throw a few slices into a juice drink to load up on added vitamins or put it into a pot of chicken soup to shorten the length of a cold and control a cough.  The list of healing properties is endless with this wonder root.


Anyone who watched the television show The Walking Dead last season can attest to the powers of Elderberry, also known as Sambucol, to help ease flu symptoms.  A concentrated drop or two of elderberry syrup or extract into a cup of hot water can shorten and relieve flu symptoms.  It is found at most pharmacies, health food stores and grocery stores in a liquid, pill or powder form.  It will not prevent the influenza virus but it does shorten the life of it.  You can even make the syrup, derived from a black elder berry bush, at home.  Kids often like the taste of the dark syrup over other cold and flu remedies too.


Winnie the Pooh was on to something with his honey pot.  The natural properties in honey can soothe a cough, help a cold and treat burns and other skin problems.  Rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, honey courses through your body when ingested and works itself down deep into you at a cellular level to assist your body with that cough or sore throat.  Pick up a local honey at your nearby farmers market and eat a teaspoon a day to fight seasonal allergies.  Apply a thin coat of honey to a 1st degree burn and cover with gauze.  The honey will heal the burn faster than an antibacterial ointment.

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