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Getting Out of the Spandex Rut & Into Your Own Style

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August 14, 2012

While at my “satellite” office last week, I stared directly into the face of a very disturbing trend. Grown women — mothers, wives, accomplished and successful people — wearing the exact same thing. Woman after woman entered the coffee shop dressed, head to toe, in practically the same exact yoga outfit.

I applaud these incredible women for their focus on healthy bodies. However, I am somewhat saddened that women everywhere are getting together (not always post-yoga) wearing matching spandex outfits, each with a discreet logo showing her allegiance to the fitness gods.

In all seriousness, is this the uniform of the modern day woman? Do we really run around town — meeting friends for lunch, running errands, picking up our kids from school — in exercise clothes? What happened to style? Just because your outfit is black does not mean it’s chic. I mean, it’s still made of lycra.

If you live a casual, busy life then you should absolutely dress the part. But, there are options besides workout clothes. I know those pants make your tush look great, but so do others that are soft and comfortable.

With my own wardrobe, I want to be practical but I don’t want to lose the essence that is moi. It is important to me that I don’t get stuck in a rut in any aspect of my life, including my style.

There are days when I leave the gym with no time to shower, but I try and pull myself together. By switching out of my sports bra and sweats and into a comfy v-neck tee, soft bralet, and vintage style cropped sweats I am playground ready. I’ll accessorize with a cool printed scarf and a pair of flats (rather than sneaks) and I am the essence of California Cool — even if I live in the Midwest.

As a woman that works from home, or Starbucks, on the days I head out of the house for meetings it’s important my outfit is in line with my lifestyle. I find that a great pair of cotton leggings and a button down shirt or cotton-striped dress is an ideal look for meetings and practical for when I come home to my baby.

So, I am pleading with you – Mom’s of America — you’ve got a Pinterest Style Board, why not bring those loungewear looks together. Get out of the workout doldrums and into a pair of printed soft knit bottoms. Throw on a tee shirt without moisture wicking. Be inspired by what is in your closet and find new ways of wearing things that show your individuality. I promise, that this small step in style will make you feel even better about yourself!


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