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Get Pin up Girl Style This Summer

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July 3, 2012

Summer time is the perfect time to explore your inner pin up girl.  The fashion is fun, retro and great for warm weather.  If you enjoy showing off a bit of skin (not a lot) to tease then this is a good look to explore.  Thanks to designers like Jason Wu and Dolce & Gabbana the pinup girl look is very in right now.  Here are some hot tips on how to get this sexy look.

  • Peep-a-Boo:  In floral prints, with crepe satin or even canvas fabric covered shoes you can rock this look by showing a little toe.  This is an excellent way to work the pinup girl style into your daily ensemble without going overboard. A simple heel and a dose of bright red, blue, green or yellow makes a shoe stand out.  Add a t-strap or a bit of toe and you have yourself a pinup girl shoe. Enzo Angiolini’s ‘Sully’ shoe is a great take on type of shoe.
  • Get dressy!  You cannot avoid wearing a cute dress, especially in the summer, if you want to venture into the pin up girl realm.  Halter top styles and A-line skirts are the most popular styles in pin up dresses.  The Collette dress from Pinup Girl Clothing is a wonderful example.  The button down front with gathered bust and flared skirt with slit pockets looks great on anyone and can be dressed up or down.
  • Raise that waistline. High-waisted shorts were seen on the runways this spring.  They are a mix of glamour with contemporary style. Stars like Blake Lively and Katy Perry love them.  They often zip up the back and can really slim down your physique.  ModCloth features many styles of pin up girl shoes and clothing but their Navy-inspired shorts are the best of the set.
  • Swim in style. The pinup girl swimsuit is modern yet modest.  It is high-waisted just like the shorts.  This type of swimsuit, like the Juicy Couture ones from Bloomingdale’s, works well on both curvy and non-curvy girls.  Diane von Furstenberg has some gorgeous printed suits that enhance your assets without revealing too much of a good thing.
  • Accessorize in retro. Perhaps the pin up girl clothing isn’t your bag but the accessories could be.  A cute straw tote or clutch brings back the summer 1950s-style while staying current.  Chunky strands of beads in bright colors like white, red or yellow add punch to an outfit and play up this style.  Retro red nails and toes with a splash of red lipstick can also help create the look.

You can go big with the pin up girl look or find small ways to own it as well.  It’s fun and perfect for summer.

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